Becoming an actor in your own life

  • Would you like to minimize the effects of daily stress on you and your entourage?
  • Would you like to learn how to introduce ‘brain breaks’ into your daily routine, re-discovering your creativity and capacity of resilience?
  • Would you like to switch off your autopilot in order to make reflected choices again instead of simply reacting to stimuli?

Becoming familiar with and practicing mindfulness techniques yourself is a skill that will help you deal with the stresses, uncertainty and complexity of life in the 21st century. By being more mindful yourself, you will see that your relation to your children will change. They will unconsciously feel the change and respond to it with their own nervous system!

As adults you are wearing many different ‚hats’. To name only a few:

  • You are a mother/father: with all the different activities, challenges, joys that come with it
  • You have a role to play in your working life, be it at home or outside of your home
  • You are a human being with its own needs and dreams
  • You are a daughter or son dealing with all sorts of issues
  • You are for sure also a partnerspousefriendsisterbrother or many of these at the same time

All of these roles require your attention, your energy and commitment; sometimes it is difficult to switch from one to the other and/or to combine some of them at the same time. You might feel stretched to your limits, having not enough time to rest and for yourself leading to becoming irritable and stressed. There might be moments of doubts: “Am I a good father or mother? Or “All other people are surely doing a better job than myself”.

Feeling overwhelmed yourself very often leads to less patience with your children, partner and other people surrounding you. You find yourself reacting on triggers and not being able to calmly approach problems and challenges.

I propose regular 8 weeks MBSR/MBCT courses as well as individual accompaniment through coaching  

“We have more possibilities available in each moment than we realize.” –Thích Nhất Hạnh