Children and Teens

Adults have many possibilities nowadays to learn new skills and competences that help them master their lives. Children and teens often don’t have that luxury. Already widespread in the US, the UK and the Netherlands for example, courses and services for children and teens in terms of mindfulness are very much lacking in french speaking Switzerland.

“Mindfulness Matters” from Eline Snel is an attention training for children and adolescents from 4 to 19 years old.

Many children and adolescents have difficulty concentrating. They do not sleep well, worry and have concerns. They also find it difficult to relax, or to simply switch off and do nothing. And they are continually online. Their head is too full, the triggers too many.

They are told to so many things. By themselves, by school, by society. How do you teach a child to relax, to stop worrying, to trust in their own qualities and stay afloat in this demanding 21st century?

During the training, an average of one hour per week, children learn to stabilise, focus and shift their attention using a kind, attentive attitude. They become familiar with their inner-world, without having to make any immediate judgements about what they (or others) think, feel or experience. They learn to deal with calm and turmoil when these present themselves. And to acknowledge ‘troublesome thoughts and feelings’ without burying them away, or getting carried away by them, but by simply giving them some kind attention. And above all: they learn to be kind, to themselves and others.

The programme which is adapted to different age groups comprises body exercises, stories, games and exchanges around the various activities.

The outcomes are fascinating:

  • Better concentration
  • Emotional balance
  • positive social behaviour
  • Anxiety reduction
  • Better quality of family exchanges

I am organising group sessions as well as accompanying children and their parents through individual coaching.

Jenny Ebermann L'attention ça marche